Terms and conditions

Wise Owl Tuition Terms and Conditions Agreement


Tuition Fees

Individual 60-minute lessons: $85 including GST per lesson.

Group Classes: $45 including GST, per lesson.

School Visits: Attract a travel cost which will be quoted at the time of booking.

School holiday classes and workshops/clubs are as advertised at time of booking. If you wish to book a 1:1 lesson and add an additional child there is an additional $20 charge per child to cover additional planning time, printing and resources

  • The costs of all required materials are covered by the tuition fees and will be provided to the student by the Tutor.
  • The frequency of a student’s lessons will be decided by the parent/guardian based on the student’s needs and If requested, the Tutor will make recommendations for lesson frequency/length based on the student’s needs, goals and current development level.



  • The tuition fees may be paid in the following ways: Payment via credit card / debit card via
  • Payment must be made upon booking to secure your Lessons must be paid one week in advance if you do not keep up with the payment schedule then you may lose your preferred lesson time.

Practice and Required Items


  • Parents/guardians must provide students with the following items to bring to each of their lessons
  1. A bottle of water
  2. Folder 

The Tutor will provide the following items for the student to use during their

  1. Paper, books, games, and other learning resources
  2. Writing materials


 Lessons will be suspended during school holidays and on public holidays unless specifically arranged with the Tutor beforehand. The Tutor will generally not be aware of pupil free days at individual It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the Tutor of any pupil free days and if these fall on planned lesson days then payment is required for non attendance.

    Missed Lessons

 If a student will not be able to attend a scheduled lesson for any reason (e.g., illness, school excursions, exams, clashing commitments etc.) adequate notice must be given to the Tutor before the scheduled lesson This must be by 6:00pm the evening before the lesson at the latest. Where possible, notice should be given 48 hours prior to the lesson. Preferred method of notification is via text message to 0432973060.

 Bookings are made on a Term by Term basis and payment is required for non-attendance. Students who are unwell can attend a group class 1X per term as a makeup lesson. 

Lessons missed due to the fault of the Tutor, the lesson will be made up on an alternate day or will be refunded. The Tutor will endeavour to give parents/guardians as much notice as possible in these instances.

Students who are late to their lesson will have the remainder of the time taught to them, but there will be no allowance for the time missed.

When booking for the term it is expected that you will hold that lesson time for the entire term, if you wish to discontinue classes you will be subject to a cancellation fee, which is 50% of the remaining classes in the term.

 If COVID restrictions/lock downs impact meeting rooms, lessons will be conducted either online at the same time as the scheduled class.

    Duty Of Care

 Due to the Tutor’s Duty of Care for all students, only a parent or guardian may drop off and pick up students from their lessons. If a parent/guardian wishes to nominate someone else to drop off and/or pick up a student, a signed letter of permission must be provided to the Tutor, which includes the nominated persons full name and contact details. The Tutor will check these details against the nominated persons driver’s licence. Notice ahead of time will be appreciated.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to drop off and pick up the student before and after their lessons. Supervision of the student by the Tutor cannot be guaranteed outside of their scheduled lesson time, as other lessons may be taking place before and after the student’s scheduled time.

The parent/guardian will endeavour to remain reachable by phone throughout the student’s lesson time in case of an emergency. The parent/guardian will notify the Tutor of any changes to their contact or relevant information as soon as possible. 

  Professional Standards

 Although every endeavour will be made to produce excellence in skills and standards according to the students’ abilities, in the final analysis professional advancement and success depends not only on the Tutor’s input but also on the student’s own initiative, diligence and their willingness and ability to learn.