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Emily Fogg founded Wise Owl Tuition with one goal in mind: to provide quality accessible tutoring services in her community. 

 As a classroom teacher with 15 years of experience, she knew that many students who needed tutoring, couldn't access it. There were many reasons why including, no tutors available locally, too expensive, or too difficult for parents to access. 

Emily has seen firsthand how students' educational difficulties snowball when they don't get the right kind of help, and schools often couldn't provide the kind of extra attention these children needed. 

Wise Owl Tuition was created to provide individualised, tailor-made tutoring to students who need the extra support, confidence, and teaching to thrive. 

Emily is an Australian teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. She has taught in a wide variety of roles including special needs education specializing in teaching students with learning difficulties and special needs. She has a passion for helping students who are struggling with literacy and numeracy.

 Emily uses the best evidence-based education strategies to support her students.  She now works in mainstream education and helps other teachers educate students with special needs in a mainstream setting. Prior to becoming a teacher, she studied Biomedical Science and Molecular Biology. Emily enjoys teaching STEM and integrating science into her literacy lessons. 

 She believes in making learning fun and providing customised learning strategies that get results.

 Wise Owl Tuition provides a range of services to suit different students which can easily fit into your schedule.

Contact us today so we can help you build your brighter future.

Wise Owl Tuition

“Emily genuinely cares so much for her students. My daughter always leaves her tutoring so happy and proud of what she’s worked on. Emily creates an environment for the students that is friendly and fun, so they always seem engaged and eager to go back. I’m so grateful my daughter works with Emily”


Wise Owl Tuition

“I have had the opportunity to witness Emily Fogg, owner and primary tutor in her professional capacity and have no hesitation recommending Wise Owl Tutition to families.”


Wise Owl Tuition

“My son has only been going to Wise Owl Tuition for a month. He struggles with school work, especially being in his first year of highschool and having ASD and ADD.

He was very anxious having a maths exam because he was struggling with algebra. I asked David (his tutor) if he could help him with his algebra work to prepare him for the exam. A week later he came home to show me his maths result. He received 86% in his algebra exam. He was so happy, and it definitely gave him a big boost to his confidence.

I am very happy with Wise Owl Tuition and highly recommend them to anyone who has children that are struggling in school. It is definitely worth the money getting tutoring so that your child does not fall further behind in school. 5 stars for this amazing tutoring business!”


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