5 Reasons You Need a Tutor

Have you ever wondered, Does my child need a tutor?. You may have encountered some difficulties with supporting your child’s learning. You may feel frustrated and unable to aid your child with his or her tricky math problems or difficult science projects. On the other hand, you may feel like your child is not challenged enough in their classroom, and needs some additional exercises to enhance and support their learning.

Tutors can work with your child to create personalized lessons just for them. From overcoming learning obstacles, and building study skills, working with a tutor can give your child the extra push they may need to enhance their self-esteem and reach his or her full potential!

Let’s take a look at five reasons your child could benefit from working with a tutor.

(1) One to one attention

Your child may experience difficulties during class time, as there are many distractions that go on within the classroom. Whether it be their peers talking during a lesson, or hearing noises from the hallway, these distractions are sometimes hard for your child to ignore, which can create barriers to their learning.

Through tutoring, your child will receive one-to-one attention, free of any external distractions that they may normally experience in the classroom, which ensures a positive learning environment for them to flourish in!

Not only is this one-to-one time made up of going over any difficult aspects of their learning, but your tutor and child will begin to develop a trusting relationship with each other. Together, they may learn that they both share common interests – such as a love for animals or ice cream – which helps to strengthen their bond. This will allow your child and tutor to get to know each other personally, which empowers tutors to create personalized, tailored lessons that are made just for them.

(2) Improves work and study habits

During tutoring sessions, your child not only learns more about concepts in science or math, but they also learn various work and study habits that he or she will use throughout the rest of their lives. For example, while your tutor works with them on a math worksheet, they not only learn more about their times tables, but they also pick up on various problem-solving strategies.

While your child learns about the invisible forces of electricity and magnetism, he or she will also begin to understand how to identify key concepts in their studies, which helps to encourage higher levels of thinking.

Ultimately, these work and study habits that they pick up during their tutoring sessions will help to prepare your child to achieve their goals both in and out of the classroom!

(3) Improves self-esteem and confidence

Whether your child is struggling with their literacy skills, or are feeling flustered with geometry, your tutor is there to support and encourage them! Through their personalized lessons, your child will work to overcome any difficulties that he or she may be experiencing. With the support and reassurance of their own personal cheerleader, your child will come to realize that they really can do those tricky tasks! This additional encouragement helps to bolster his or her self-esteem, therefore contributing to improved learning outcomes for your child.

(4) Overcome learning obstacles

Algebra can be tough. Biology is tricky. Grammar and spelling can be challenging.

Whether your child is having troubles with writing, math, science, language, or reading, their tutor will work with them to specifically target whatever he or she is struggling with. By creating personalized lessons, tutors can focus their attention on exactly what your child needs some extra support with. Whether he or she needs additional resources, or in-depth feedback about their strengths and weaknesses, tutors can provide whatever your child may need to overcome any learning obstacles they’re experiencing.

(5) Encourages the freedom to ask questions

Perhaps your child is uncomfortable with asking questions in front of their peers at school. Maybe they’re afraid of saying something silly, or they aren’t sure how to phrase their questions. By working one on one with a tutor, your child will learn that there is no such thing as a silly question!

Working with a tutor will allow your child to feel more comfortable with clarifying any confusion they may be experiencing, without feeling self-conscious. Tutors are there to encourage and answer any questions he or she has, and therefore giving them the confidence to start raising their hand more in class when they have questions or things they want to share!

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