The 5 Best Free Educational Apps to Boost Your Child's Learning

Parents often ask “how can I support my child’s learning at home?”. I always suggest that they download these 5 free apps. Kids love using technology, so why not use it to your advantage? Get them practising their ABC's, while they think they are playing games.

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The Best Free Educational App to Learn Times Tables

Ninja Maths

There are lots of great ways to practise times tables but I really like Ninja maths. It is great because kids can choose which times table they want to practise. It then reveals 4 different levels of difficulty. The player must pass each level from easy to complex before beating the Ninja Master to complete the times table.

The Best Free Educational App to Learn Spelling and Reading

Initial Code (Sounds Write)

This free app is the best value of all! Developed by the team behind the famous phonics program Sounds Write it is a fantastic way for children to practise learning their sounds. Perfect for children in Kindergarten to Year 2. Their paid app the extended code is also a great for older students who could benefit from extra spelling practise.

The Best Free Educational App to Learn a Language


You might even want to give this one a try yourself. Duolingo is a free app that you can use to teach yourself another language. With 19 languages to choose from you are bound to find one your child would like to learn!

The Best Free Educational App to Learn About Science

Science 360

This app was created by American National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Science360 and allows anyone to view science and engineering images and videos from around the globe. Content is either produced by NSF or gathered from scientists, colleges and universities, and NSF science and engineering centres. Great for ages 12 and up.

The Best Free Educational App to Learn About Coding

Scratch Junior

This app is super fun! Scratch junior teaches children how to code. You might think that practising their Math and English skills is more important than learning to code, but coding teaches many important skills including problem-solving, higher order thinking skills, and mathematical reasoning.

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