Four Benefits of Group Tutoring That Make it a No Brainer

Okay, you have decided to take action and get a tutor. Fantastic!

But there are so many options, face-to-face or online? 1:1 or in a group? With a big chain or an independent business?

Today I want to help you decide whether 1:1 or group tutoring is the best choice for your child.

Group tuition is an excellent service and is not like school, in the slightest. The children still get individual attention, tailored lessons, customised learning plans, and all the inclusions of a 1:1 lesson.

BUT they also get more! Read on to find out why group tuition is a fantastic service for your child.

Group Tutoring Helps Kids Stay Engaged

Learning in a group class can be lots of fun! In group classes, students are able to have discussions, play interesting games and bounce ideas off each other.

Group tutoring really hits the sweet spot between providing enough individual attention and having enough students to make learning super fun and exciting.

Children Learn They Aren't the Only One

Group tutoring is great for students for many different reasons. It can be an incentive to come to class when they know that a friend will be there (kinda like exercising with a buddy who you don’t want to let down!).

Children learn that they aren’t the only ones who have trouble with different concepts. Most students who come to tutoring struggle with the same curriculum areas. It is a boost for their self-esteem to know that they aren’t the only ones who struggle with certain subjects or concepts..

Group tutoring takes the pressure off the individual and allows the student to not only learn from the tutor directly but to hear the different perspectives of their peers. Students are able to learn from each other’s strengths. Many children find it easier to tackle challenging concepts when they are supported by their peers.

Kids who attend group classes are less likely to view tutoring as a chore or punishment.

Group Tutoring Builds Confidence

Many students find it difficult to ask questions or share their opinion in large groups like traditional classrooms. Small group tutoring allows them to build their confidence by sharing with others in a low-risk environment.

The confidence to speak up and share their ideas with others is a crucial life skill. Many tertiary courses have a discussion-based component and most careers require their employees to do some kind of public speaking or collaborative speaking with others.

Group Tutoring is More Affordable

Group tutoring is much cheaper than 1:1 tutoring, sometimes up to half the cost of a single 1:1 lesson.

I like that group tutoring allows students to continue with us after they have improved with 1:1 classes.

It keeps the momentum going and ensures they continue building confidence, consolidating their learning, and filling any learning gaps they might have.

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