5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know to Nurture Little Bookworms

a picture of two young girls reading next to a title that says - 5 things every parent needs to know to nuture little bookworms.

Hey there, amazing parents!

One of the things I get asked about all the time is - "how do I help my kid learn to read?

Reading is one of the core skills our kids need to learn and there are lots of ways to help.

It's important to remember that reading is a complex task and it takes years to master!

Let's embark on a fantastic reading adventure with our little ones and discover five essential things that can make their journey to becoming rockstar readers even more awesome!

Setting the Stage for Reading Success

Okay, so reading is the key that unlocks a whole universe of knowledge and creativity! And guess what? It all starts early! But here's the scoop - reading is not an innate skill. It's something that needs to be developed over time. Just like walking or talking, becoming a proficient reader takes practice and nurturing.

Reading aloud to your kids is like sprinkling fairy dust on their growing minds - it sparks imagination, builds vocabulary, and creates a special bond with you! Oh, and get this, by surrounding them with books and labels at home, you're turning your place into a learning wonderland.

Books are not just for bed time - if your kids are anything like mine reading stories is more of a day time activity, she just gets too excited.

Phonics: The Superpower of Reading ‍♂️

Imagine this: Phonics is like the secret language of reading superheroes! It's all about teaching our little champs that letters represent sounds, and when you put them together, you've got words - boom! So, let's have a blast with word games and rhymes. They'll be sounding out words like pros in no time! And hey, there are some awesome educational apps that can join the fun too.

I reccomend the Sounds Write and Nessy apps for supporting reading. These apps use a Science of Reading approach which is the best way to learn to read, write and spell

Reading Together: A Bonding Extravaganza

Who said reading is a solo mission? Not us! ‍♀️ Reading together is like hopping on a magical carpet ride of adventure! But remember, becoming a confident reader is a journey. Even when they can read by themselves, keep the storytime magic alive. It's like a family superpower - you can explore far-off lands and meet fascinating characters together. And when your little bookworm reads to you, shower them with praise like confetti!

Learning Styles: Uniqueness is the Name of the Game

Newsflash: Every kid is a one-of-a-kind superstar! Some might breeze through reading, while others take it step by step, and that's okay. Embrace their uniqueness and celebrate every tiny achievement! It's all about supporting them on their personal reading journey. You're their ultimate cheerleader!

Love for Reading: The Ultimate Superpower

Buckle up, because here comes the secret sauce! We want our little bookworms to fall head over heels for reading! So, let's create cozy reading nooks at home - snuggly blankets, fluffy pillows, the whole deal! ️ And guess what? Adventures await at libraries and bookstores too It's like stepping into a treasure trove of stories! Let your mini-adventurers choose their favorite reading material whether books, magazines, audio books, comics it all counts! Reading should be an absolute blast!

Conclusion: You're Rocking This Reading Journey!

Alright, fabulous parents, you've got the lowdown on raising young readers! Remember, reading is not an innate skill, but rather something that needs to be developed over time.

Keep the magic alive by reading together, playing with phonics, and embracing their individuality. Your support and enthusiasm will pave the way for your little ones to become fearless explorers of the written word. You're doing an extraordinary job, and your kids will thank you for giving them this fantastic gift of reading.

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